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Storytelling: The Basis for Music by Underground Artist $way

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Great artists and musicians alike are able to create stories through their works and like a painter, rapper and hip-hop artist $way illustrates colorful narratives as he creates music. The Los Angeles based artist originally grew up in Landover, Maryland, and has spent his young career creating authentic, story-driven tracks that have built him a large following. $way revealed what he hopes listeners will take away from his music stating confidently, “I’m the best storyteller and every time they hear something from me, it’s like they experience every word with me.” He speaks candidly about the violence he experienced in his childhood as he grew up in the streets, a large part of the reason he began pursuing music. Losing best friends and cousins to street violence, $way related, was the most challenging thing he has overcome in his life. This authenticity has translated, however, and he boasts tens of thousands of followers on Instagram who he hopes to inspire and entertain with his music. An EP is currently in production.


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