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The song “Giving me the P*ssy” music video is a must watch

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“Giving Me the P*ssy” by Woopie has strip club DJs nationally raving. Prince Johnson, or “Woopie,” is a budding rap sensation. Woopie’s latest song, is getting a strong buzz regionally and is now becoming the standard for every strip club DJ! Woopie is a musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Philadelphia. Woopie’s music is mesmerizing and captivating, combining hip-hop elements. It’s now on all major streaming providers.
Woopie has garnered a loyal stripper following since going viral with “Giving Me the P*ssy” and working on numerous additional projects. “Giving Me the P*ssy” is a terrific song that combines amazing music with powerful poetry.
 A steamy music video for Woopie’s “Giving Me the P*ssy” has also been developed to complement the song in the strip scene. Woopie is joined on TV by other lovely sexy girls. The video’s amazing visuals complement Woopie’s strong words and terrific rhythms.
Meanwhile, we can’t wait to hear what Woopie as in store for us next! Check out Woopie’s new song “Giving Me the P*ssy” and elevate your music experience!
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