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Toronto Artist Mnnyyz releases new single “For The Low”

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Hip Hop artist and Toronto native Mnnyyz is ready for the world to hear his latest single, “For The Low.” In 2016, Mnnyyz started utilizing his talent in music as a creative outlet, allowing him to express himself and share his experiences, mostly inspired by his painful experiences during his upbringing in the streets. After recording his first record in 2016, Mnnyyz decided he could take it to the next level and make music his career after Corey Hibbert & Marvin “Hagler” Thomas noticed his talent and helped him build his skills in the industry. Originally sporting the stage name “Young Menace,” Mnnyyz decided on a rebrand that was much more fitting for him. He also represents his hometown, noting that the “yyz” in his name stood for the code of Toronto.

Though he is inspired by other artists, Mnnyyz prides himself on not being compared to anyone. His uniqueness and versatility is what sets him apart from most artists, not only being able to rap but also his ability to switch up his style and create a melodic sound. “My writing ability also is what got me noticed. Hopefully other artists will take notice and I can start writing for others.” He describes his sound as dark, moody, melodic but also digestible. While he also describes himself to be versatile with his music, he always remains true to himself with his signature cold style. Mnnyyz enjoys writing all of his own music and has constantly been creating, writing, and recording, trying to release as much content as possible until he is ready to release a full length album. He is also open to collaboration, hinting that he has worked with another Toronto artist for a future single. Mnnyyz also hints at an EP that is aimed to be released this upcoming summer. As for his newest single, “For The Low” was released in early February, and is available for streaming now. All of Mnnyyz’s music can be heard on Spotify and other music streaming services. Be sure to also follow him on social media @mnnyyz

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