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The passionate Hip Hop artist, songwriter, and singer Juliu$ is pushing full-throttle towards his goals of reigning supremacy in Hip Hop scene with the release of a new music videoThe newest video is taking the reins with its emergence alongside its producing label i-10 Connect Entertainment.

Juliu$ is a persistent and wise artist whose career truly has no end in sight. The vibrant young man who started as an artist in El Paso expanded his knowledge as an Audio Engineer and established his business out of Phoenix. He continues to strive in the industry and prove to the competition what he and his team can do.

In this new video, Juliu$ says he is showing his fans and the entire world the version of himself that people might be unaware of; from laid back, to hype, to the silly side of him. It represents his independence that he can rise to the occasion on his own. The idea of the record is to inspire people to be themselves at all times and to focus on their dreams and aspirations. This video is for anyone who just wants to do exploits through their crafts and trades while also having fun doing what they know how to do best.

With this release, there’s no longer a single doubt Juliu$’s qualities. He has announced himself as a voice to listen out for in the Hip Hop scene.

Juliu$ is a king hailing from the southwest, El Paso Texan by heart engulfed in that Phoenix heat with a touch of NM. He is the CEO i-10 Connect Entertainment, representing 1/3rd of the I-10 crew.

Be sure to check it out at i-10 Connect Entertainment

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