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50Jittsteppa is one of the next young artists to blow out of Flordia

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As a music journalist, I’ve had the privilege of covering some of the hottest names in hip hop. However, none have caught my attention quite like 50Jittsteppa. With a unique sound and undeniable energy, this rising star is quickly making a name for himself in the industry.

A Florida native, 50Jittsteppa’s career has begun to take off. With records like “Jordan”, “Won’t Stop Now”, “Super Slimey”, “Free Mind” and appearing on Luh Tyler “Law And Order PT. 2”, Jitt is showing no signs of letting up.

What sets 50Jittsteppa apart from other rappers is his authenticity. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his struggles and hardships in his lyrics, and his music is a reflection of his life experiences. In an industry that often rewards superficiality and image, 50Jittsteppa is a breath of fresh air.

His fans are drawn to his charismatic personality and his no-nonsense attitude. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and he’s always willing to stand up for what he believes in.

With his talent, passion, and determination, 50Jittsteppa is someone that should be on your radar as an artist that is next “Next To Blow”.

Where did you get your name from? Where in Florida are you from?
The way I got my name is from an old group in my city. When I heard it on BMF it inspired me to run with it. Im from Riviera Beach, Florida
You appeared on Law & Order PT 2 with Luh Tyler, how did that come about? Did you know that record was going to make some noise?
At first I didn’t really think anything of it but when I saw the engagement on instagram then that’s when I was like this gon’ be BIG.
You are hands down one of the next up artists out of Florida. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Can we expect a 50Jittsteppa takeover? 
Definitely can expect a takeover and my foot on the gas.
The world seems to be catching on to your sound over. With co-signs from LaMelo Ball and Dro Kenji last month, how does it feel to get embraced so early in your career? 
It feels good to know people are listening, supporting and showing love.
If Florida had a Mount Rushmore, who would be the 5 faces of Florida rap? 
Me , Heem , wizz , Jimm & yakk
Your flow seems to be effortless, has it always been that way? From the tone, lyrics to the melodics. 
I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first started but now I’m better.
Anything you would like to let the people know? 
Hard times don’t last forever.

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