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KINGMOSTWANTED Shares New Single/Visual “Cali Lovin”

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It takes a burning desire to turn your life around and not be defined by your past. KINGMOSTWANTED could have fallen to the streets but after run-ins with the law, he has transformed himself into an incredible rapper and Hip-Hop artist that has lit up the stage.

The leader of a burgeoning rap scene in the so-called Inland Empire, an area east of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, he has been releasing a stunning catalogue of work since 2018. Inspired by a wide range of artists including NBA Youngboy, Shawn Mendez, and even Billie Eilish, he is able to perform on any beat and is unafraid to tell his own story. Tracks that speak to the old school with new school production, KING is dynamic, original and laying down the flow like no other.

Appearing on the Fast 9 soundtrack in 2021, he has stormed into 2022 with his brand-new single titled “Cali Lovin.” Not even old enough to be around when Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five released one of the first global rap songs ‘The Message’, KINGMOSTWANTED takes from the Bronx and the East Coast original sound and converts it into a West Coast groove. With “Cali Lovin” KING is really in his bag as he puts his own twist on the classic remake of Ice Cube’s “Check Yo Self.”

Generating over 15 million combined streams and over 1 million video creations on TikTok, KINGMOSTWANTED is a name that is already on the lips of a global audience. With the latest release of Cali Lovin there is no doubt that he will be moving to the next level in his career. All hail the King.

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