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Ronny E – “Winner Winner”

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Ronny E, ex-inmate, discovered the talent of writing poems to pass the time in a positive way. While in prison he saw and listen to all wannabe rappers practicing the craft. Ronny focused on making his poems and writing songs, but never thinking about rapping. In 2017 he learned how to freestyle rap and found that it came to him easily. Ronny had started to get serious about rapping when one of his coworkers disrespected him in front of the whole office staff, that same night Ronny wrote and recorded his diss track for the whole office to listen to, and everyone loved the song. That motivated Ronny into getting serious about his rapping abilities. Ronny’s rap style is clear and clean he says, “If you want cuss words in your rap songs, then my rap is not for you.” and he’s OK with it. The artist that have influence Ronny’s style of Rapping are: Run DMC, Biggie, Tupac, the Beastie Boys, Eminem ect.

Ronny’s number one hit is called “Winner Winner”. If you are feeling down and out this song will inspire, and motivate you. You can click on the link to be moved to greatness Ronny E is currently working on original new material.







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