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Meet Pistyle of Clockwork Entertainment

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“What got me into music? First of all, thanks for having me here! Shout-out to Mack Delfino Agencies got the opportunity to open up. Between staying in trouble with my parents as a teenager and spending a lot of time in my room, I feel like I was almost forced to pick up the pen and start writing. I didn’t always spend time writing, it’s pretty apparent I was a bad teenager, looking back. In those gaps, writing helped me pass the time, and I found I was good at it.”

Having always been passionate towards music, especially after writing, TheRealClockwork attributes his upbringing in music to Wu-tang Clan, inspired him initially. In his words, more “dope artists came along and inspired me too. Listening to those artists as a teenager made me want to rap more & more.”

TheRealClockwork has a few features he would attribute to making music, but considees himself fairly diverse. When it comes to his overall music making career, he is not picky, even when it comes to letting his crowds and DJs select which of his songs to play. He doesn’t adhere to one category in the music industry, but regardless of the genre, he tends to find dedicated fans, new and returning alike.

When asked to describe his creative process, TheRealClockwork has an almost unexpectedly minimalist answer: “Nothing special, pick the concept of the song, throw the selective beat on, from there I just do what I do best.” When it comes to the recording ambiance in the studio, TheRealClockwork offers a few descriptions of what to expect: “Not going to act like every session is 10 ladies, streaks from bottles and smoke everywhere. That said, I find myself between two processes, the ‘introvert process’ as well as the “set the vibe” process. I’d say I do what I feel is best.”

TheRealClockwork has big dreams, as he encourages his fans to. But only, he says, “If it’s a dream that gets you excited. If it leaves you feeling anything less than happy, chances are it’d not your dream, which could make it a nightmare.” His goals include collaboration with Jay-Z as well as other big name artists, not necessarily limited to rap. While he raps in the shower, TheRealClockwork is open to collaboration with rockstars and other genres beyond rap and hip-hop.

When asked about the different venues and his past performances, TheRealClockwork had insights about he various states he has visited to perform at. Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, Austin, in addition to several surrounding cities in each state. He doesn’t necessarily have favorite state or venue, it’s all about the energy of the people. He has 3 upcoming shows which can be read about on his website, to stay up-to-date.

Even without music, TheRealClockwork envisions himself living life for a living, sometimes imagining himself as an investor whenever he plays “What-if?” He’s stopped saying “dead or jail” because of the disservice a statement like that does to both his past and future. He believes the internet has done a great amount of help forindependent artists to get paid without the middle man, and believes more opportunities exist around the world in the music industry as a result.

“What’s next? More music, more shows, more videos, more fans, more love, and more money. Shout out to everybody that’s rocking with me!

Instagram- @therealpistyle & @therealclockwork
TikTok – therealclockwork

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