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Filmmaker Rell G wins film festival and becomes nominated for a Big Indy Award

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Rell G, also known as Darrell Renyolds, has broken various social barriers with his latest documentary, ‘Black Love’ and as a result, scored the win for the ‘Best Human Interest Film’ in the ‘Political Film Festival of 2022’. Additionally, in Darrell’s most recent interview with the CEO of Big Indy Inc. Divinity Smith, better known as ‘Lady Diviniti’; surprises Reynolds with the news that he’s also been nominated for a Big Indy Award for Best Documentary, which was hand selected by iHeart Radio executive Jamaal Bethea. When asked what the likes of those specific honorable acknowledgments meant to the ‘Black Love’ filmmaker and his family, Rell G states, “It means a lot, keep chasing your dreams, it means there is no limits, keep pushing and moving forward.’’

Before winning the ‘Best Human Interest Film’ title in the Political Film Festival of 2022 for ‘Black Love’, Rell G became a member of Big Indy Inc., securing television distribution and marketing for his documentary, placed on Big Indy TV via Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV; providing a global stage for the film, while making it accessible to be viewed to over 116 countries. With the Big Indy Awards being the number one award show to take place in the Bay Area and whether one is being recognized for a win or a nomination alone; major awareness and authority for selected independent creators like Rell G, is to be expected to make a significant and permanent impact on any type of creative career.

Reynolds establishes a unique way to raise the bar with Oakland California filmed documentary ‘Black Love’ partly by asking black spectators the type of questions which are not commonly asked nor conversed about on a wide scale, provoking thought, emotion, and relatability all while extending or redefining the meaning of black love throughout the film. ‘Black Love’ is a raw yet family friendly film which can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences across millions of smart TV’s on Big Indy TV. As a musical artist, independent filmmaker, and father of 3, Reynolds has his work cut out for him, yet considering his ongoing and consistent results, it appears that he has managed to stay ahead of the curve while also showcasing what the embodiment of faith and consistency looks likes when carried out, simultaneously inspiring his fans and peers to do the same.

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