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Director Roger Alexander shares the story behind one of music’s biggest filmmaking companies, AlphaMale Visuals

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In the entertainment world, when it comes to creating compelling visuals, the go-to guy for many of music’s biggest and best is celebrity director Roger Alexander. Originally hailing from Houston, Texas, Alexander has spent more than a decade building a creative empire, blending his passion for hip hop and videography into a successful filmmaking company, AlphaMale Visuals

“I am an executive producer, director, and director of photography. I’ve filmed feature films, commercials, and music videos for celebrities in the music and entertainment industry for over 11 years,” Alexander shared in a recent interview. “I’ve worked with Lil Baby, Young Thug, 42 Dugg, Ne-Yo, Lil Durk, Queen Naija, BET, and more,” he added. 

To fresh eyes, his resumé presents an impressive laundry list of many of the world’s favorite artists, brands, and even social media moments. For Alexander, who describes his path as the definition of “hard work pays off,” success results from maintaining adaptability, relentless work ethic, and out-of-the-box creativity. 

“I did not have formal training for filmmaking,” Alexander shared. “I worked a corporate day job Monday through Friday for five years and used that job to save up and fund the creation of my own production company. Through my determination and relentless work ethic, I created my own film school through studying Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia for several months; teaching myself the skills I needed to be a professional filmmaker,” he added. 

Years of hard work, networking, and continued risk-taking would eventually culminate in Alexander’s filmmaking company, AlphaMale Visuals. The venture took root in 2010, finding quick success in Kansas City, Missouri, before relocating to Atlanta, where Alexander would find massive growth and recognition as one of the city’s top directors.

While AlphaMale Visuals continues to thrive within the entertainment world, Roger Alexander is setting his sights on a new set of goals—further combining the worlds of hip hop and film, to launch several new businesses, including “a factory-like company that pumps out multiple movies per year with stories centered around the hip-hop & entertainment industry,” shared the filmmaker. 

In the meantime, 2022 offers many major film opportunities, which according to Alexander, “will be broadcasted on national television this year,” though NDAs prevent the filmmaker from revealing further details. 

Leaving aspiring directors with a few words of advice, Alexander shared, “Be patient with your progression. It takes several years to plant seeds and benefit from the fruits. Also, constantly consume art from several different genres, locations, and mediums. Any of these things can lead to future inspiration and creativity.” 

Check out a few of Roger Alexander’s directorial work and social media below!

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