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Exclusive Interview: Sire + 808 Mondo

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What brings us to Patchwerk Studios today?


808 Mondo: My name is 808 Mondo.I produced for Young Dolph and Keyglock along with my brother Cray. I did songs with a couple of popular Detroit artists. I sing, I songwrite, and I produce. 


Sire: I am Sire and I’m representing Cleveland. I have some big records and I am locked in with an artist BOSSTRIP 4 TRE and I worked with an artist named Derez De’Shon. He wrote the song “Hardaway.” I have an album dropping soon  that should be coming next month. Right now, I’m working on another album with my bro. . The album will have various artists and different producers coming up.  Besides that, I love connecting and networking with everybody while trying to put on the underground scene everywhere and Cleveland, Ohio. 


So how do you all work? Are you in the studio every week?


Sire: Yeah, we don’t see each other much but we always keep in touch. Everytime we are in the same city we link up. 


808 Mondo:We catch a vibe over the phone and it will be five in the morning and we are still vibing. It is all straight energy. I have one of my artists sitting right next to me.


Mhadyi: I just dropped, just dropped a few songs.  I’m about to drop an album too. 

Sire what did you see in Mhady?


Man, he has a lot of energy because he’s new. His drive really gets the vibe going. It really motivates me in a different way. 


That’s good to know. It’s not easy to stay motivated in this industry.  I’m glad you are all loyal and support each other. So how were you guys able to create the sound?


Sire: Sure. We listen to so many different types of music. We like listening to R&B and also listen to a lot of music from the 80’s.


What do you all know about 80’s music?


808 Mondo:  I always wanted to dedicate my sound to something vintage. I always wanted something retro!


What artists out there would you want to hop on that sound?


808 Mondo: The Weeknd and Ari Lennox for sure.



If you had to pitch yourself saying why people should listen to your music, what would you say?


Sire: Well, I’m pure. A lot goes on in the industry. So much fake love and with music, its me being pure and me being myself. I put myself around a group of people that are  genuine.


What can we expect for the remainder of the year?


808 Mondo: I might shoot a video and release it next month. More sessions at Patchwerk studio and shoutout to This Is 50.


What is the music scene like where you are from?


Everybody in Atlanta is working together and in Cleveland, its not like that. You have to really step outside the box thats why we are able to do what we are doing today. When you are different it gets you alot of attention. 


Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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