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Leekthough is Redefining Success One Step at a Time:

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There is a popular saying; “it is better to be the best of yourself rather than the second-best of someone else; since there can only be one you.” While many may dismiss said statement as just another proverb, there is quite a bit of truth behind it. This is where Leekthough, a 27-year-old from Chicago steps onto the scene of entertainment.

As an individual, Leekthough has always emphasized maintaining his personality. Creating an environment that can encapsulate his aura and portray it in a manner that would do his actuality justice. However, in industries such as entertainment, there is always a new face every other day; making it difficult to always stay original. “It’s not even about copying others. Sometimes others copy you and people misunderstand.” Leekthough adds, “Although I am inspired by rappers and pop stars such as Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson, I would disagree if someone says that ‘I copy them.’ It is more of taking motivation and inspiration from them. Not only in the terms of music but in their personal lives. Applying whatever I learned in my career, as to improve it and better cater towards my fans.” Now that is a sentiment that not many will argue with. This especially includes those who appreciate the art of music and melody rather than being fans of one particular artist. Leekthough has since released 32 tracks, spanned across a variety of singles, to full-length albums. Many all over the globe are eagerly awaiting Leekthough’s Studio Debut album “Luna” which is Leekthough’s 1st full- length album as a fully independent artist. Executively produced by super producer Soca Jones, both of which have created a new sonic, international cinema. Mixed & mastered independently in Dolby Atmos. Leekthough & Soca Jones have achieved a platinum plaque for 100,000,000 streams for the EP “Astro & Fall For Me”; certified via RIAA International. Certainly, an impressive statistic that not many can achieve in such a short time of nearly two and a half years.

What helps further set Leekthough’s individuality is a creative independent enterprise.

LeekSeason LLC has quite an impressive roster of talented artists, producers, and entrepreneurs. All who are working in the music industry create a platform for all to enjoy. It is an initiative taken to put all of their achievements into one collective; to provide a platform in which together they could all help enhance each other. LeekSeason is also an expressive lifestyle that reflects Leekthough’s journey

throughout the years, to allow admirers to relate to him. Imagining themselves being on the same path of improvement and growth as Leekthough. Although it was a difficult process, Leekthough has managed to build a business that can sustain itself for the future. The success has further solidified ever since Leekthough was featured in trusted and reliable online news and media forums; such as Fox 28, NBC, ABC News, and CNN.

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