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Coast Club Music Brings Their Sound to Renowned Clubs Around the World

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Music has a different meaning for listeners and creators around the globe. The true meaning of it lies in your own perception of music. Some individuals consider it an escape or entertainment, but for others, it’s their whole lives. Since the day they decide to pursue their musical dream, their outlook on it completely changes. Two such dedicated and talented musicians are Trevor Shawn and Ace Future. They have been producing wonderful music for their band Coast Club.


Coast Club is a brand built by two DJs who are really good at what they do. Ace and Trevor re-branded their previous DJ powerhouse TREO after their third member and drummer decided to leave. After his exit, they had to make difficult decisions, but they managed to pull through. It was a terrifying moment because they had a lot at stake, but they knew it could be fought. In 2018, Coast Club came to life, and it was a brand new beginning for both of them.


The meaning behind the name they picked for this venture was a reflection of their lifestyle and personalities. It is meant to bring the West Coast, SoCal, and coastal lifestyle together. This is how Ace and Trevor wanted both their music to be perceived by others. It might’ve seemed like a difficult obstacle back then, but they were able to overcome it with dedication, passion, and hope. They strongly believe that this rebranding was much needed for their venture.


After TREO transitioned into Coast Club, they went down a better and more successful path. They have released music with numerous well-established and well-renowned music labels. Some of them are Insomniac Records, Warner Music, THRIVE Records, and Skam Records. They’ve also had the chance to release successful remixes with Hayden James, LAUV, and THEY. This led to millions of listeners appreciating their music. They also gained millions of listeners around the globe.


While bagging all these remarkable achievements, Coast Club has also been able to perform around the US and Asia over the last 7 years. They have performed at world-famous clubs like Omnia, San Diego; Marquee, Las Vegas; and E11EVEN, Miami; to Catwalk Disco in Guangzhou, China; BONE CLUB, Pattaya, Thailand. Attaining such success is a dream for many artists around the world. 


Trevor and Ace have been working hard for many years to ensure that they achieve the objectives that they have set for themselves. They believe that optimism and conviction are the major keys to success and happiness. Along with that, practicing patience and perseverance is crucial as well. The Coast Club stars also stress not giving up even during difficult days. These days prove your worth and strength. 


They have already set objectives for the upcoming years. They would love to tour more and release at least 6–8 new singles per year. Moreover, another side project is being worked on and is still in the pipeline. They are currently working on launching Motel Margarita. It is set to be launched as a traveling pool party series along with a merch line and margarita mix. These aspirations prove that Coast Club is meant for greatness and will be achieving a lot more success in the future. 

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