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Juva – Reggaetons, Hottest Urban Latin, Emcee

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Juva is a 24 year old Reggaeton Artist, Emcee and self made producer from Los Angeles. He originally got into creating music because of his brother. He released his first project called “Cuerpo Caliente.” Which was a blend of Reggaeton, Latin Trap and Urban Latin.
He is very serious about his career. His inspirations for music came to him during the best part of his life, when he needed a place to release his emotions. By expressing the way he feels.
Nicky Jam is his biggest inspiration, he plans to sell out the Staples Center with him one day soon. But with COVID restrictions it has been hard to do any shows. He still feels ready to step on any stage and create music for the sad world. He’s been in the studio cooking up his latest new music that he continues to grow a passion for creating. After releasing his latest song that dropped titled TESTIGO.

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