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25 Years Later We Still Miss Big Poppa

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Today marked 25 years that we lost the Notorious BIG in Los Angeles. A murder that continues to go on unsolved with tons of assumptions about who pulled the trigger that fateful night. Revenge for the death of rival Tupac has been the reason that everyone believes Big lost his life. He was shot while he was the passenger of his car, the exact same way that Tupac died. There were many times that I wished Big had not made the decision to venture out to California. I wonder if he had stayed on the east coast would he have been greeted with the same fate. As a young father of two, his daughter was only three years old while his son was 5 months old when he was murdered. But one thing will forever hold true, Biggie loved Brooklyn and Brooklyn loved him back. No matter what the album said Big wasn’t “Ready to Die”, he had found a reason to live. We will forever mourn the day we lost this great MC.

Here are some of my favorite Biggie videos. So “Fellas, grab your dick if you love hi-hop. Ladies, rub you kitties if you love Big Poppa.” and come on a journey with me when Bad Boy ruled the airwaves and tv screens.

Player’s Anthem:

Big Poppa:

One More Chance

Dead Wrong




Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

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