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“Someone They Knew…With Tamron Hall” Premieres on Court TV

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Someone They Knew…With Tamron Hall” will be hosted by none other than Tamron Hall in a weekly true-crime series will follow the path from victim to verdict and will explore how, when it comes to murder, it is rare for there to be no prior connection between the killer and the deceased. No voice-overs, no reporters, and no correspondence, the stories are told from the point of view of the people impacted by the case, including the lawyers, jurors, members of law enforcement, and the victim’s family and friends. Utilizing new interviews, archival footage, and re-creations of the crime, the goal of each episode is an unbiased 360-degree balanced story.

“When the idea of a series focused on crimes committed by intimate partners was presented to me, I felt a deep connection to these victims,” says Hall. “I have always been pulled into the ‘why’ – why crimes like this happen – and the heartbreaking impact they have on family and friends. Court TV represents an additional, trusted partner to support the important work that I do.”

I look forward to checking this out on March 7th

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