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Leedoubleo new Single “Zlushie” is a new mood

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Soon to drop is Leedoubleo’s new single, “Zlushie”! A thrilling trap beat that’ll sauce up your playlist. Perfectly blending into any upbeat playlist. The song composition also makes it a great transitional song for any Dj deck. Zlushie starts off gradually featuring a futuristic soundscape that fades in the room. Leedoubleo entices the crowd rhythmically  chanting “woo” in a smooth deep voice. With the bravado that only New York is known for. As if to prepare the crowd for the lit 808 drop. The track that gives vibes with its melodic, futuristic soundscape. The songs theme is about the empowered Onlyfansladies who have broken the internet, with the new form of income.

Leedoubleo’s verses are swift, direct, and slick. His delivery dynamic, in tune with the song lee draws the listener in with harmonic cadence. As he raps about living fly and financial gains. Opposite of the stigma ladies of this industry face. Lee wants to shout out all the women no matter their career choice. A noble cause in a #Metoo era. The song is catchy, easy on the ears, clean, becoming a playlist favorite. For good vibes download “Zlushie” available March 5th on all platforms. For a sneak peek log on to Follow Lee on all platforms @leedoubleo.

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