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The Rising Hip Hop Star GQueTv’s Impactful Music on an Important Social Issue

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On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the Rising Hip hop star GQueTv released his song, “Black Fathers Matter” which took us listeners to the path of religious ideas that has dominated black people for decades, the absent father. To make things clear you open the song “It is not easy to be a Black father” a simple but powerful statement to open the song, usually raising children is not easy for a mother or father of any race but the pressure seems to be very much on the black community.

The producer compliments the voice of artist GQueTv and sets the tone as if he were talking to an audience. The speech Obama gives covers it all as the video shows scenes of the artist laughing and spending time with his son. 1 minute and 42 seconds long, the song is short, sweet and straightforward, leaving the audience relying on more hope.

Music has the power to capture history when you do it. The song is part of a statement and GQueTv hopes it will inspire other black fathers to take action. The songs are powerful: “How many families have lost fathers / We this sh*t tradition / ‘Cause we were afraid of being promoted, he recovers — but it is because of the music video in which GQueTv focuses on the Black Father, writing his song to spend time with his children.

More than 50 years ago the theory that the black father was “absent” and that African American children were “fatherless” was first introduced and refused to disappear as the years went by.
GQueTv opens the song with “It’s Not Easy to Be a Black Dad” and leads us all on the ups and downs of both the presence and the absence of a child’s life. A 28-year-old father of two also shared how he had his father in his life and how whether you ask for it or not, GQueTv has become one of the words of Black Fatherhood. Not surprisingly, he is ready to take his voice to the next level.

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