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Phil Shaw Is Turning Trauma Into Triumph

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We all go through times in life that can seem more negative than anything else. Oftentimes outward expression is the only way to make sense of traumatic events. For Chicago producer and artist Phil Shaw, creating through his pain is what makes him stand out.


Phil Shaw is a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Illinois. As a young kid he discovered he had talent for music, learning to play the piano, drums, guitar, violin and trumpet all during his childhood. Pushed by his family, this passion was tested after the passing of one of his parents. Triumphantly, Phil Shaw used this event as a catalyst for his journey for success. His only wish? That both his parents were here to see what he’s made of himself with what they instilled in him.


Keep Phil Shaw on your radar as he makes his parents proud and climbs the ranks of the music industry.


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