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Zoonieg Is The Wave of South Carolina Rappers to Watch Out For!

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It is said that success will never fall at one’s feet. It’s evident that there’s always more to it than just talent. One might be talented enough, but it requires courage, motivation, and dedication to pursue their dream. 


Recently, the talented CEO/ Music Exec/ Independent Major Artist who has turned the spotlight towards himself is Zoonieg. Known for creating unique music, Zoonieg has gained a significant reputation in the music industry. The South Carolina native is appreciated for his music and is also admired for his dedication to his passion.


Zoonieg is the artistic name for Zachary Huff. What sets the 24-year-old apart from all other artists is his unique ability to produce high-energy music that resonates with listeners across generations, especially his younger fans. In developing and producing his music under his record label Hivolproductions & other musicians worldwide , Zoonieg collaborates with his strong partner Ta’shon Grant owner of bhadbaddiespowerhouse  and his

prominent artists Rayshawn Golden known as Rg Tarus and Keia B crockett also known as Numegga Dior. Just as Zoonieg, the three also have a diverse background in music. With the broad melodic vision of Zoonieg and the production expertise of the three, they are on the right path to innovate the music world with their combined talent & strategies. 


As Zoonieg plans to innovate the music industry with his record label, his previous work plays an important role in this project. The fast-rising star has worked with some of the most renowned names in his professional career, such as Soulja Boy, Rich the Kid, a three-song ep #RoyaltyDiamondz with Chris Brown, and many more accomplished artists. His new music, behind a strong team, will rock the world.


Despite all the changes, challenges, failures, and successes throughout Zoonieg’s music career, his desire to curate while also having a business mindset remains the same. 

Zoonieg is no ordinary artist; his tracks are something extraordinary. His talent, passion, and dedication prove that the attention he has gained across the world is quite well-deserved!

With his constant efforts, he wants to bring new sounds and innovations to the music industry soon and for years to come.


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