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Chicago-based Artist J J Is Committed To Leaving A Legacy

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One of the most challenging parts of being a musician is figuring out your sound. It’s important to appeal to an audience while still offering a unique sound of your own. J J, a Chicago-based upcoming artist, has been attempting to develop his unique style since he began composing music at the age of eleven.

J J is inspired by a wide spectrum of sounds, which may be heard in his music. The songwriter combines an innovative combination of sounds, such as hip-hop rap and a little bit of pop, to create a unique manner of blending numerous genres into one coherent sound. J J began his musical journey towards the end of 2019 and took things seriously. His first-ever single was released in 2020. 

J J makes his music in an exceptional manner which makes him stand apart from the other artists. J J desires a storyline for his project. which begins with the beat His music is infused with emotions, which is crucial for every performer. His verses should be related to the storyline of the story, depending on what the chorus is. J J has always been an introvert, which is why he wants to share aspects of his life via his music.

He also highlights that his favorite project is his single “My way” which helped him to make music for himself and stay true to his artistry which eventually makes him happy. He is proud of what he is doing today as it helped him to be a better version of himself. Music is above and beyond for J J transforming him into an Optimistic Person. Fans are like family to him who has been supporting him for the very beginning of his musical journey and he is grateful for their presence in his life. He wants to create music not only for him but also for the people who have been a Backbone in his career.

Difficulties and struggles are a part and parcel of every musician’s life, similarly, it’s nerve-racking for J J too. But one should learn how to deal with it as things don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of sleepless nights, hours in the studio, evolution of unique ideas that make an artist be appreciated.

J J has a lot of things stored for his fans and people can connect with him through Instagram and his official website- 

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