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What Artist Itskash Has to Say to Those Coming up Today

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Fresh on the scene, artist Itskash is making himself known and is proving to be a powerful force within the music industry. Though he didn’t grow up expecting to have a career as a famous musician, he is slowly but surely turning that into his reality. During his childhood, he loved all genres of music and really was able to connect with the experiences and emotions that his favorite artists discussed in their lyrics. Today, he’s hoping to evoke a similar experience with his own fans.

Having already built up a successful platform and tackled various other industries, he is excited to make this pivot into music and really explore his creative side. During the pandemic when he had a little extra time on his hands, he started making music as a way to de-stress and escape reality. This was met very positively by fans, and he proved to have a natural talent for the craft.

After spending much time in the studio and working to perfect his craft, Itskash is officially ready to make his debut as an artist, and show the world exactly what he’s been working on. As the year progresses, he looks forward to releasing new and original music, connecting with his fans, and maybe even performing some live sets later in the year.

Though he notes that it isn’t always an easy path for independent artists, he’s up for the challenge and knows he has a solid fanbase behind him. Itskash is excited by the potential to collaborate with top artists today because he knows that he can learn a lot from their wisdom and experiences.

Above all, Itskash knows that work ethic and determination are what will really set him apart because he knows that nothing will be magically handed to him overnight. He knows what it takes to make it to the top in other industries, and explains that these principles are universal across all sectors.

To those coming up today, he stresses the importance of never giving up, and always keeping your dreams and visions in focus. No one else will be looking out for you like you will, so trust your gut and stay the course. He acknowledges that there can often be a lot of outside pressures in this industry, but trusting in yourself is your number one remedy for this. 


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