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Himisphere – “LIT”

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Born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. Introducing one such rare artist Himisphere, who with his exclusive rap skills and other musical capabilities has already made waves of engagement in the music world. The talented rapper loves to compose real music and appreciates good music. With his raw abilities and a passionate intention to engage the masses, the artist has released several tracks that expose his musical brilliancy.

Showing up on the rap scene with another bunch of hits, the rapper has recently released three new singles titled ‘Math’, ‘Ballin’, and ‘O.G.’ that reflect on his enjoyment to rap over catchy, bouncy beats. The songs are upbeat yet melodic and nurture a positive message with intriguing lyrical work. The artist finds great joy from feeding his listeners with r3elatable, motivational, and inspirational music, that he seems to compose seamlessly. From his passionate rap style to the impressive melody line, everything makes offers solid hooks to highlight his tremendous potential.

Hailing from the United States, Himisphere is an artist who is dedicated to improving his craft and embeds all unique qualities to make his songs stand out. Built under the label Centaur Ent, the latest singles ‘Math’, ‘Ballin’, and ‘O.G.’ sound fresh and the rapper’s unmistakable vocal prowess makes the audio journey even more appealing. The songs are a bold introduction to his confident artistry and the world should only expect more groundbreaking rap sound from the rising star in the future. Hear him on Spotify and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details.

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