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Lester Sanchez – It’s Okay (Video)

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It’s Valentine’s Day and we all know that means it’s time for love. Lester Sanchez is back with a new single focusing on his own love. He paints a realistic picture on the new single “It’s Okay “, a record in which he is looking to get past the troubles of the day and have a great night with his lady. In regards to the record Lester said the following:

“This song is real special to me, because it put me in the instant zone of showing love to my lady and all the women out here holding it down. Sometimes we have little disagreements, but at the end of the day, we have too much going to let the small stuff get in the way. I put it together at my studio and then hit up ‘The Cashiers’ (production/engineering team) here in Orlando to do it the right way. My engineer reached out to Jarred Armstrong, a super dope musician out here and had him come lay down the sax once we finished most of the production and I laid down all the vocals. The minute he started playing we knew we had one on our hands. My guy Quincy told me once that “it’s ok, it’s ok…” part starts, people are just locked in. It’s super dope to see all this work we’ve been putting in come together at the right time.”

The visual catches Lester Sanchez in a jazz club with his muse trying to work out the bumps in their proverbial road. While she tries to resist, Lester’s charm ultimately prevails. Check it out below.


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