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Interview With Upcoming Artist JV Darapsinga

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Why the name JV Darapsinga?

My name is a representation of my style of music.

I’m very diverse vocally so I felt it was a great name to mesh my styles together.


Where are you based now?

Boston, Massachusetts

What inspires you to write music?

Life itself motivates me. Knowing that life is so precious and I was given a gift. My children inspire me, my struggles & pains inspire me, being alone inspires me, other artists inspire me, having anxiety inspires me, and I try to absorb inspiration from everything I do really.

What does your writing process look like? Do you have a certain place or vibe you like to be in?

Well after I get a special plate from my Cousin Chef Mayne (The Chef Mayne experience LLC), I got tohave my Rasta pasta Lobster tail and asparagus and then I’ll write a book. Nah but basically good food first, then a solid track and a smoking groove and then I start to mumble to get the melody going in my head,after that it’s a wrap.

Tell us about your first album ‘I Am Javon’ and why it was such a successful first release?

I think my album was such a success because it was real, it was from my heart, it was about me, it was my story and I think people resonated with that. Not to mention the DJs that took notice to the record and allowed me to serve the airwaves too and gain more notoriety and more sales from. I had literally like 400 Shazam’s a day for 2 weeks straight in summer 2020.

What are 3 things you need in the studio?

I need water, bud & My phone or IPad.

Who are some artists you are looking to collab with in the upcoming months?

I’m mainly focusing on my sound and building my brand so I’ll be in the studio whipping up tracks to pick from for my upcoming E.P.

We want to know: what can we expect next from you?

More music, more videos, more placements, work work work, more interviews, podcasts, and publications. Overall more JV!

Any performances coming up?


Lastly, any advice for an upcoming artist looking to gain some traction?

Stay focused on your craft, seriously stay focused. If you can see it trust me you can do it. Don’t listen to anybody that says you Can’t.

Check out JV Darapsinga’s music on Spotify:

Following JV on Instagram @iamjavondrs

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