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MkorNok Presents: Young gun Lnf Jc fires up a new track

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What were you doing when you were 16?

For this rapper from Asbury Park, New Jersey, music came on naturally. Lnf Jc is making waves with his skills at such a young age. He is one of the lucky few who have found what they truly want to do in life while in their teens.
This rapper’s love for music began in his childhood, as he performed in musicals and sang in the choir. His passion for the art of music burned brighter as he grew up and entered his teens. It was then that he decided to pursue music as a career and took up the name Lnf Jc.
Right now he is working on improving his craft more, getting better than the person he was yesterday in pursuit of the best version of himself. He is determined to come out on top, and with his latest drop, we are most definitely going to see this 16-year-old rapper win.

What’s in a song?
Lnf Jc chose to use his talent in making music to express his feelings and make art out of his experiences. He has undeniable skill in depicting situations that happen in real life using nothing but lyrics mixed with beats and melodies expertly crafted to fit the bill. His passion for music shines through every well-written line, bringing out the soul of every word in his music.

His latest single “SEE ME WIN” is dedicated to people experiencing problems with their mental health, he understands how hard it is to be in constant battle against your own mind. He bravely shares:

“I was going through a hard time in my life where my music was the only thing that was moving me forward, and I almost took my life”

We may be going through different mental health issues of different magnitudes, but Lnf Jc wants “SEE ME WIN” to be a symbol of hope. It is a song that aims to be the shoulder you could lean on, Lnf Jc knows the value of having someone to look out for you, which is why his latest song is a beacon of hope telling the audience that they are not alone.

“If you’re not coming home today, look at tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a better day” — Lnf Jc, “SEE ME WIN”

The dawn of his era

While most rappers these days talk about nothing but money, sex, drugs, and violence in their songs, Lnf Jc is starting a new wave of rap music with his latest release. He bravely tackles mental health and the realities of having issues with yours.
This rapper may be young, but he has a fresh perspective on things. “SEE ME WIN” is just the beginning. The time has come for a new era of rap music.
Lnf Jc’s goals lie beyond just being at the top of the charts, he wants his music to be an inspiration for his audience so that they too can find the strength to fight their battles, one day at a time. He wants to see everyone win.
Watch out as the new age of rap dominates the music scene. Find out more about Lnf Jc on Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube.

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