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Musical Artist Big Rich Makes Success Out Of All His Passions

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Richardson Cassamjor, also known as “Big Rich” Born in Haiti and moved to the United States at the tender age of 10 years old.

Entered into the world of music at the young age of 14 while attending Odyssey Middle School, his first passion was music production when a close friend introduced him to “ Fruity Loops Studio “ a software designed to create instruments. From that very moment he realized he was made for all things entertainment.

While attending High School Richardson created his very own Studio “ GPEnt. “GPEnt” released numerous projects one being a Haitian Artist that went by the name of Fragil. This innovative new project was a collaboration with TOG Records which included Fragil and an other artist Moustafa.

Richardson has been on the fast pace ever since. Let’s Fast forward to the creation of his most successful project to date. Vibe Kreyol. Vibe Kreyol was established September 29th in 2012 with one specific agenda, unifying fans from all over the world interested in all things Kreyòl. Vibe Kreyol showcases what’s happening now in the Haitian Music Industry and much more.

From the latest news, to comedy, current events and even fashion, Vibe Kreyol is the one stop shop for all things Haitian.

Vibe Kreyòl being one of the most successful media sites will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary later this year.

With the success of Vibe Kreyol being one of the first Haitian media/ bloggers to talk about fashion, Richardson decided to open up his first fashion venture. On August 22nd 2020 “SWAGGi“ was born. A fashion retail store in the heart of Brooklyn. SWAGGi is the one stop shop for the latest in urban attire selling Yeezy’s

Nike, Palm Angels, Essentials, VLone and more.

The revenue from his many lucrative businesses opened up the door for Richardson to find a new passion.

In June 2021, Big Rich started trading

on his go to platform MetaTrader where he deals with (Forex) trading currency, Index and more.

Within just one year of trading on Forex Richardson made his first million dollars. With all of these new ventures on the table Vibe Kreyol continues to grow. He has 408k follows on Instagram, 82,920 on Facebook and 412k subscribers on YouTube. The name Vibe Kreyol is now a household name within the Kreyol world. Where to next? You’ll have to stay tuned to see.

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