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A Glance Into The Life of Rising Artist Dima Koah

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Dima Koah has paved his unique lane in the music industry, breaking into the mainstream. Applying his obsessive work ethic into developing his craft has given the talented artist a distinctive identity as an artist. With the release of his newest single “Keep Her Close,” Dima captures the essence of creative music through a stylish overlap of melodic genres.

How does the artist find the drive to pursue his talent in a competitive industry? Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about Dima Koah’s unique approach to finding inspirations and concepts for original sounds.

In the digital age, putting out music has become accessible to almost anyone. From songwriting to recording, independent artists have the advantage of creative freedom in bringing a refreshing sound to the industry. However, the lack of a powerhouse team often makes it hard for thousands of artists competing to become the next sensation.

For a musician like Dima Koah, the rewarding experience of networking using his social influence has become crucial in paving a way to success. Investing time and money into his music has shown his dedication to the process as an artist. Although Dima’s listeners have only heard his work as a solo artist, the collaboration with producers, engineers, and managers that happens behind the scenes is evident in the industry quality of his work. 

Dima Koah describes his creative process as more than listening to instrumentals and writing to them. A glance into his lifestyle is represented on his instagram post captioned “on my own initiative.” What’s fascinating about his life is the distinctive ability to work on his own time; make music he’s connected to and share it with the world on his own schedule.

Making big moves in the industry is a result of his European upbringing and outstanding work ethic. The American-Ukrainian rising star is open about making sacrifices and choosing the challenging path to be where he is today. From struggling to find his passion to becoming an influential figure through his music, Dima Koah continues to prove that doing what you love is rewarding. 

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