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Monopoly Quil & Lightzout Wayne Are Next To Blow Up From Philadelphia

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Two brothers from Philadelphia have been creating a wave and a sound that is grabbing the attention of listeners around the world.  They both grew up loving to make music and have collaborated on many tracks such as “Let me vent”, “Off The Stoop”, “Get paid”, “Bullshit” and many more.  They have been gaining traction recently by doing big features with recording artists Cascio and Corey Pieper.  They also have been dropping solo tracks back to back to feed the fans, the fans are loving the new content that is coming out and Monopoly Quil & Lightzout Wayne are not letting up anytime soon.

Lightzout Wayne is currently working on an EP called “Bars of Pain ” and his brother Monopoly Quil is currently working on a album that he plans on dropping Spring of 2022.  They both have been working with producers Schy on the beat and Etunez to make the sound the fans love to hear.  Monopoly Quil alone dropped 3 singles this month “What it’s gone be ”, “Shirley West ”, and “Big Mad ” he promotes his music through his football league and they also invest their time and money into promotions.  Lightzout Wayne recently dropped his creative single “Rain” feat. Cascio talking about real stuff that goes on in his life.  The reason people are gravitating towards their music is because they make music people can vibe and relate to.  If you’re looking for some new artists to jam to Monopoly Quil & Lightzout Wayne are on the top of my list.  Go Follow & listen to there music in the links down below.

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