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Meet Upcoming Artist Adonis Dewhard from Brooklyn, New York

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Adonis Dewhard, famously known as Adonis, is a musical artist and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. His story is similar to most guys from the hood. He learned how to Fight through the ranks going in and out of jail, grind and hustle. It’s all around the same. He got here from going label to label and actually listening to his family and partners to focus on this rap thing.

Can we get to know you?

I have been doing it since my last years of high school but wasn’t having the right push. And when I got the right backing from a label the deal got scraped and now I got a new start. So it’s time to keep my music on the radio like it’s been and be the best that ever did it. Try to get in that top 5 dead or alive category.

What challenges have you had to overcome?

The challenges I had to overcome besides growing up in Marcy Projects and Detroit areas were the streets. Nothing can prepare you for that. Especially not having both parents. So you look up to those around you like the dealers, pimps, hustlers, all that. With those footsteps you follow comes jail or prison. I had to get through those times locked up every now and then and overcome abuse from police in our neighborhood. They want us to kill each other and put us away if we are not dead. Growing up in Brooklyn and Detroit you got lots of hurdles in your way of making it but if you stay strong it can happen.

What’s the best advice you can give someone?

Best advice I can give anyone is be fair and authentic. So many fake people out here ain’t keeping it real and so many folks pulling others down instead of making ways  for everyone around us to succeed. Just be yourself is the best advice I can ever give because if your you and doing the right things in life good things will happen. Life is crazy with crazy things happening just gotta be prepared for everything and if you are you and doing what you usually do things will fall in play the best for you.

What do you specialize in?

I specialize in lyrics and other artists should work with me because I will give that content that’s needed on the track no hate and push you to make it. Life is hard out there for a lot of people especially in these times and everyone is getting down on each other. So find people like me that will ride with you through hell and back. I have been in situations where I was going through bad times and got left so I know how that feels. So I won’t ever do anyone the same. My old homie rapper Top5 from Canada was close with me and something with his manager or label whatever made us clash before he just got locked up for murder. But no matter what I will be here riding with him no matter what cause I know what it’s like being in that cage and folks leaving and turning on you so even though we ain’t seeing eye to eye I will still be there. Forget the past issues when someone need you be there and when they put that bad and it’s good then you address the things need to be talked about.

Any more advice you can give people?

More advice I got for people especially from my way of Brooklyn or anywhere in NYC is keep grinding. If it the streets or them books whatever it is keep pushing. It won’t always be hard but when you  get out the hard parts. Make sure you remember when you was back in those hard times. That will make you appreciate everything. We in a life of everything comes fast and don’t gotta wait so attention span is horrible with this generation and people don’t appreciate what things in life come good for them. Its folks in other countries wish they had our opportunities and we get them and waste them. Like Pac used to say don’t waste another 24.

What does success mean to you?

Success means a lot to me and to get it that takes determination. And you can fail nine thousand times at something but that one time you complete it will be worth it never give up. Success in any artist, athlete, or just anyone has came from failing at something. And then one day boom they made it. And the biggest thing about success is that it comes and you make more goals after to try to be successful at its life til you stop living don’t stop making goals to be more successful.

What do you have coming up next?

Next up got a show I am putting on television with VIACOM and MTV with my book coming after and my debut album. The Mtv paperwork is done gotta sign the right deal for my first album called Feature Presentation. After that who knows what else I got some more books I wrote recently and more music coming and inventions I will be getting a patent for.

Where can people find you?

Find me on Facebook at Adonis Dewhard. Instagram @dominicanadonis.23 @dominicanadonis23 and Adonis Dewhard on Twitter my music is on all platforms and also on the radio.

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