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Award-Winning DJ Berkant Dural Plans to Go Global

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DJs are among the most important music industry players. They are known for their exceptional music mixing skills, bringing a wholesome experience to their crowds. DJs are also known to be great promoters of great music as they will constantly play it to different audiences introducing your craft to others. It’s not strange to see artists teaming up with DJs to form a team and help them with their performances. It’s also a competitive sector with new, young, and upcoming DJs entering the market every day. 

Berkant Dural is a highly-skilled, award-winning DJ. He is a uniquely gifted individual with a profound passion and understanding of the craft, making him stand out. His talent and hard work have seen him recognized as one of the best DJs in Turkey and the Netherlands. Berkant has also featured on numerous Turkish TV shows, showcasing his talent nationwide. Having conquered the domestic market, Berkant is working to take his craft global, which has been his long-term career dream. 

However, success in the music industry does not come easy, and Berkant is very much aware of this. There is stiff competition, and it does not matter whether you are an artist, producer, promoter, or DJ. You need to work hard to constantly overcome the many challenges and hurdles on your way to the top. In addition, you have to prove to your fans that you are capable and uniquely talented. This is a tough task in whatever music industry career you are in, and the faster you master it, the higher your chances of finding success. 

This was Berkant’s major challenge as he battled with his self-esteem. As a result, he would care too much about other people’s opinions about his career, taking into account everything they said. But it wasn’t long until the talented DJ figured out what was setting him back and acted. Berkant stopped giving a damn about what other people said, marking a turning point in his career. He has also built up his self-confidence, which has significantly helped him improve on his craft. 

Berkant is now one of the hottest DJs in the Netherlands and Turkey, dreaming of expanding to the global stage. He believes he has what it takes to conquer the international stage, and that’s what he is aiming for. Besides, success comes to those who dare and dream. Berkant aspires to first expand to the US, Canada, and further into Europe and establish a solid brand for himself. The US has one of the most vibrant music and entertainment industries with the potential for more growth. This will open the door for him to play in some of the world’s top clubs and entertainment spots across the US. 

Growth and expansion include creating partnerships and networks, and Berkant is very aware of this. The skilled Turkish DJ wants to build a network with notable industry personalities from producers to artists, promoters, and other DJs. The music scene is diverse, with each player serving to complement the other, hence the need for a solid network. Besides, there is no better way to grow your influence in the music industry than by working with others. He wants to go down in history as one of the best Turkish DJs who rose to conquer the world stage.

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