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How Artist Roman Cresto Is Making It To The Top

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Being able to become a musician can be an incredible achievement. The idea of being a singer is intriguing, especially during one’s childhood and teen years. However, once a person faces reality and begins a 9-5 job, many lose faith and let the practicalities of earning a living be more important than a dream of a musical career.

Roman Cresto is someone who didn’t let his dreams die and never let others dictate what he was going to choose for a career. Roman always had a love for making music. He would sing and dance in his room even when he was very young. Growing up he and his family realized the talent he possessed. Roman started taking music lessons and joined YouTube. After a year of vocal lessons and hard work, Roman released his first album on YouTube, but it was not the success he expected it to be.

People started telling Roman to get a job and to abandon his dream of creating music. However, he knew that this was just a minor setback and it wasn’t the end of his career. So he persevered and started making more music.

Roman has now over 200,000 subscribers on Youtube and his Spotify and Apple Music are also gaining more and more listeners by the day. Roman has proved to everyone around him that setbacks in life are not the end of your dreams. Going forward, Roman wants to work on widening his audience and perform at his first ever state-wide tour.

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