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Anthony Hathaway Changed His LifeThrough Ultimate Hard Work

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Music is one of the purest forms of art. It changes and evolves as artists and music producers have created some of the most amazing genres of music. Every time and era has its own style and has contributed to the incredibly long and rich history of this diverse art. Among the many incredible and talented artists is Anthony Hathaway.

Anthony’s passion for music started when he was a child. However, growing up in a very poor household, he never had the option to choose to study music. Anthony grew up in a small town in the southern part of the US. He was witness to his parents working from morning till night while earning very little.

Anthony realized that money was always scarce in his family. However no matter how bad their circumstances were, he had his family by his side. Anthony’s parents had always given him the love he needed and they tried their best to provide him with whatever he wanted. Most of the time they were unable to do so, but Anthony appreciated everything they tried to do for him and realized how hard they worked to provide a comfortable home for him. He knew what money could do for his family and was determined to find a way to help them.

When he turned 16 Anthony decided to enter a talent show where he sang a song and impressed the crowd and the judges. Anthony won the competition and was given a scholarship to study music and singing. Before he even graduated, Anthony was approached by a record label company in Los Angeles and was offered a chance to prove himself.

The deal was that he would be given the training, time, financing, and equipment to record a single song and, if he met their expectations, he would be offered a contract. However, if he did not, he would be on his own. This is where Anthony found himself at an intersection; he could either make it with the backing of the label or try to find another way of attracting an audience through social media platforms alone. Anthony decided to play it big; he was going for the “go big or go home” approach.

The next few months were incredibly intense and Anthony put everything he had into making his album. The results were astonishing. Anthony’s single made it to #3 on the top charts which propelled him into the world of music and he became an instant icon. As of today, Anthony has signed a million-dollar deal with the music record label and he has produced 5 albums. Anthony also has more than a million listeners on his Apple Music and Spotify platforms.

Recently, Anthony started his very own foundation that works to provide shelter and help for homeless people in his town. Anthony is determined to give back to his community. Anthony knows the struggles people from his area have faced and he wants to make a difference in their lives.

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