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How Dropout Became the First Italian Multimillion Dollar Sneakers Resale Company

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Shoes speak a lot about an individual. As beautifully as you may have dressed, one of the things people notice about you is your footwear. Shoes are a very important fashion statement. For this reason, footwear manufacturing is one of the largest industries as they try to satisfy the growing demand. It’s also highly competitive, with different designers joining the space making it difficult for new brands to establish their place. Showing other businesses that it’s possible to succeed in the industry, Dropout is setting new records becoming the first Italian multimillion-dollar sneakers resale company.

They have developed a technical analysis software for the secondary streetwear market that is redefining the business activities, ensuring that in demand sneakers are always available at dropout for the right pricing. Dropout’s pricing and marketing are automated and data-driven by HypeAnalyzer algorithms, allowing them to closely monitor prices and supply the customers with the best. This enables Dropout’s customers to manage their products for sale, check pending payments, and communicate with the business conveniently from the website or the associated mobile app.

According to Kola Tytler, CEO of Dropout, the company was started in 2018 and their goal was to provide authentic limited-edition secondary streetwear to the people of Milan. For so long, Italy has been considered the capital of fashion with different trends originating from the country. As the market expanded, people began embracing different fashions, and streetwear has become more mainstream. Kola Tytler and his team are changing the industry by supplying both the young and old with sneakers. Dropout balances price and quantity, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Kola notes the key to boosting profit and doing so long term is striking a balance between supply and demand, something that they aim to achieve with their HypeAnalyzer software.

Their customer service and work ethic are giving them an upper hand in the market, with many of their customers being referrals and repeat clients. Dropout has registered over two million followers on their website and app, more than five million Youtube views, and 150 million social media impressions. In less than three years since Dropout was established, they have had thousands of sales. They also provide free delivery across the EU.

While their shop is located in Milan, Dropout has an online store serving the larger part of Italy and different parts of the globe. The team is currently studying the creation of a portal for investment in sneakers as alternative assets. This will allow users to purchase sneakers for the sole purpose of reselling them online at higher prices. As they continue to grow their brand, Dropout is revolutionizing secondary streetwear.

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