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Music Producer RavoXi Is Changing the Landscape of EDM Music in India

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Electronic dance music has changed the way people perceive dance music in general, with EDM being one of the more intricate genres to produce. Despite its known complexities, many young artists still want to try their luck at this type of music. Today, even artists from more conservative countries, including India, embrace EDM. One of these up-and-coming artists and producers is RavoXi.

European artists, especially the Dutch, have dominated the EDM industry, and RavoXi hopes to involve India in this conversation. As a young artist, he always had an eclectic taste for music, seeking sounds that uplift the soul. RavoXi, whose real name is Rajesh Kumar, learned that music that delivers quality and essence is rare, so he stepped out to create his own.

RavoXi decided to pursue music as a career, but less of a front act and more of the guy behind the music. He desires to deliver music that stands out for being melodic, well-crafted, enthusiastic, and artistic. RavoXi saw a rise in EDM artists and producers following trends in modern-day music, so he wanted to break the norm by elevating the standards.

The first problem RavoXi faced when he started his career was that he didn’t have solid training and experience producing music. He was also in a country with limited resources to support his music, so he had to be extra creative. However, he didn’t let this stop him from pursuing the career and instead used his vision to encourage himself.

Almost all of RavoXi’s skills in producing music, from songwriting, arrangement, writing melodies and chords, mixing, and mastering, were self-taught. He spent countless hours learning each aspect of producing before integrating them into his vision of what makes quality music. RavoXi’s first finished work is called “Massive,” which was released on YouTube and garnered tens of thousands of views in just a few days.

RavoXi believes that perseverance is key to being victorious in the very demanding world of the music industry. The odds are stacked against inexperienced young artists like him, so keeping their focus on their goals is necessary. Countless distractions and discouragements will come their way, so it’s essential to support their mental toughness as they reach for their dreams.

Another piece of advice RavoXi has for other artists is to not get stuck in the state of inspiration. Motivation must always be coupled with action since the music industry demands every artist to move constantly. Discipline is vital both at the start and while on the journey to achieve longevity in the music industry.

One of RavoXi’s goals is to collaborate with famed EDM artists like StadiumX, Divinity, Yoel Lewis, and many others in the future. He plans to tour places he’s never been before, like South America, where he has already garnered a large fan base. When he becomes hugely successful, RavoXi wants to start a label that will encourage producers from India to make music that inspires.

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