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How TripleOne Encourages Users’ Participation by Letting Them Have a Say about the Company’s Future

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Rome was not built in a day. Nor was it built by one person. It was a result of a collective effort, of many minds walking one path. This is the energy required to establish anything and sustain it in the long run. For James William Awad a.k.a. Senior Musician, this is the fundamental philosophy to build up a brand, a company, an idea from the ground up. This is the reason why his company TripleOne (111) encourages user participation and listens when its customers speak to it. For Senior, this is how a company truly builds its future.

You don’t build something to sell. You build something to solve a problem. In order to know whether or not you have succeeded in your endeavor, you must start by “asking the people who paid via their time or wallet to avail your services. It’s true when they say customers know best, at least for the part where their experience with the product is concerned,” says Senior.

Another reason to build an environment that encourages voluntary user participation is the fact that it helps users build an emotional bond with the company. They were a part of its making and therefore a part of its future. They appreciate being included and valued for their opinion regarding the product or service or their experience with it. James William believes this helps them “feel as one with the company. It helps them participate and decide how they want the company to be built. As they lend their hand, mind, and time to mold it, they begin to see it as part of themselves building loyalty and love for the brand. This is more sustainable than any other marketing gimmick or advertising trickery that brands can think of.”

User participation is a fairly new form of co-creation that brands have discovered. However, visionary individuals such as Senior are already investing their time and energy in it. The reason behind this is simple to understand. Users who feel valued by a company invest more of themselves in it, and this becomes a dream scenario for most companies. Imagine a world where people build companies together and run them efficiently because they know it is for them and by them. Senior and his company TripleOne hope to build a similar world in the near future.

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