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Bread Boi Releases His Best Song Yet “Wagon”

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Bread Boi leaves it all out on his single titled, “Wagon”. In just two minutes, this single has easily become Bread Boi’s best work. Released earlier this year, “Wagon” has become a talking point and a turning point in Bread Boi’s discography. Coming from southside Detroit and being an independent artist as well, Bread Boi’s drive to create and put out amazing releases is incredibly inspiring. With so much love and passion in his craft, Bread Boi shows off exactly how good he is in each release and most recently on “Wagon”


Music has always been a staple for Bread Boi, from rap battles after school to playing piano with his aunt, Bread Boi has always gravitated to music and now has made it a craft of his own. With his waterfall flow, beat selection, and overall ear for originality, “Wagon” is a pure example of how good Bread Boi is when it comes to chopping it up on an instrumental. With thought lyrics and crazy word play, Bread Boi brings a level of cockiness to this track and his fans have been loving it.


If you haven’t given “Wagon” a listen, be sure to check it out and play it at the next function. As fans, we currently can’t wait to see what’s to come next for Bread Boi as an artist. With tons of anticipation, all we can do right now is enjoy the work he’s given us this year. 

You can give “Wagon” and all of his other amazing releases on his Spotify artist page here. As well as keep up with Bread Boi on his Instagram here, his personal Twitter here, and his Facebook page here.

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