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Inspiration Clothing LLC Is Making a Difference in the World Through Streetwear

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Inspiration Clothing LLC. is leaving a mark on streetwear fashion in Detroit, Michigan. Originally, they started off as a brand for skateboarding and now they have grown into much more than that. In a recent interview we discussed how inspiration Clothing is creating a way for Hiphop, Skate Culture, and Gaming to interact and impact our society and communities directly in a positive way. Check it out.

You guys do amazing things for the community through your clothing. Can you tell us more about it?

Inspiration Clothing has been in the business for 12 years. Every time an item of clothing is purchased we have it set up to where it goes to someone in need and that’s what seperates us from everyone else. We really emphasize our quality on fabrics and graphic design as well. Aside from the clothes, we are also getting into sneakers too. We are super excited about all the opportunities coming out and we are looking forward to working with more artists.

In what way do you feel like your company helps the hip-hop community?

We’ve been focused on  the culture and becoming a proud sponsor. We’ve been blessed to work with major rap battle leagues. To name one, we worked with King of the Dot Entertainment which is based in Canada. Battle rap fans know all about that! As far as creating opportunity, we empower customers to select what foundation they want their 10 percent contribution to go to. We are taking hip hop street wear to another level and helping out their communities.

I noticed you guys pledged 10% of sales to Gleaners Food Bank.

Of course the more we grow the more we want to increase our contributions. Before the year is over we are also helping another food bank which is located here in Detroit. Next were looking to out source to other food banks. The general idea is to have multiple food banks available. Theres a big homeless issue and we really want to be able to give people in different regions anopportunity to make a difference. 

How were you able to put that together between the customer and the food bank?

As soon as you finish your check out it goes straight to the food banks account. Before we used to go live on social media and go shopping and really have fans involved. Obviously that doesn’t give the community a direct involvement so we found a better way. 

You have the 2022 spring collection coming up. Besides that what can we look forward to? 

Sneakers. Its going to be our first big release. I also built a school bus into a tiny home to make a mobile store. Ill be doing a 48 state tour where ill be going to music festivals, trade shows, and spending my weekends at local charities foodbanks. When the pandemic hit we had to close down our store and we didn’t want to give up on the dream. I chose to innovate and said I’m going to create the store and bring it to the people.

Lastly can you tell us what its like being a creative in Detroit?

It is important to stand out and be unique! Its a challenge because its a lot of great talent out here. When you have the vision go for it! You might be in a position now where you’re working a 9-5 but Its not how much money you make its what you do with it. 

Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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