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Old Ye In The Building And He Wants Kim Back

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Last night, Kanye West’s benefit concert was on and popping benefiting Larry Hoover. He made sure to get the vibes going with the performances of some of his biggest hits like Touch The Sky, All Of The Lights, and Stronger. But it was his performance of Runaway that caught the attention of everyone. I’m sure his hope was to get the attention of his wife. Towards the end of the ballet, Kanye sang “I need you to run back to me, specifically Kimberly.” Immediately, twitter erupted with admiration for Kanye’s need to keep his family together.

While some took to twitter to show emotions towards Kanye’s cry for her, others went on to poke fun at Pete Davidson. Some posts really had you wondering what Pete was thinking and if he was even watching the special in the first place. North was definitely in the building excited to see her dad and Drake. Only time will tell if Kim will do just that and run back.

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