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Tavia TV: Zeke’s Real Parents

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As Zeke sit’s in hot water, fans are excited that Power Book has finally started heating up. Mecca has confronted Monet as tensions fly, he continuously repeats that Zeke is in fact his son. Despite her still referencing him as her nephew, this is where the real cliffhanger begins. Power has always had a way of divulging the truth and the rage it causes either results in a plight to kill. Like when Paz found out Tommy killed her sister and Tommy found Tasha killed LaKeisha. This is what makes us yearn for more Power. This truth will affect not one but multiple people. When Cane finds out that Mecca used him to get back in Monet’s life and that they are Zeke’s biological parents, all hell is going to break loose. But it doesn’t stop there, Monet doesn’t know that Mecca is her connect. It doesn’t stop there. Lorenzo told Monet to accept Cane’s connect, unbeknownst to him the connect is her former lover that she has a child with.

Monet is also bound to lose control of her children who are already tired of her tight grip. She isn’t aware that Diana stole her money to get Lorenzo out of jail. Even with this theft in play, Monet at some point must come clean that Zeke is her son and not her nephew with the new connect. With Mecca making promises and Lorenzo almost being a free man, I can only imagine what will happen if these two come face to face. Only time will tell! Until then we can only wait until next week.

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