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Trap Powerhouse Mik is turning heads

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Mik is an Albanian rap artist whose music style of trap, gangster rap, and pop anthems have carved his mark in the Albanian music industry. Born in Greece, the young Albanian prodigy grew up on the west side of Athens in gypsy neighborhoods where racism towards Albanians was common. After being oppressed for most of his life, Mik was able to survive the struggle of Greece and move to America where he could start fresh. However, the struggles continued as finances became his main issue. Selling drugs and other forms of elicits to survive, he then adapted to the hood culture of New York City and was introduced to hip hop music. He developed a talent for expressing himself in the form of song. Mik’s lyrics embody his emotions and past experiences in melodic form. His goal is to create a positive impact on not just the hip hop community but the American and Albanian culture as well. Being a symbol for change by ending racism and poverty, he has become a revolutionary sensation back in his home country and hopes to make a similar impact on the US as well. He is now the leading artist in “Underground Trap” music in Albania, giving him recognition and support by some of the biggest names in the Albanian music industry including Young Zerka, Labinot Nuraj, Gent Fatali and many more. He has dropped 3 projects which include “Materialistic AF” (English), “Shqipes Up & Young Shqipe”, and has created tremendous buzz with hit singles such as Rapunzela (taboo breaker) Per Fam & Lek in 2020. In his new EP, Mik once again shares his hardships that have led to his success. So far the project has made a monumental impact and is featured on streaming platforms in two different languages, English and Albanian. With the plans he has for the future and the path he is currently on, you’ll want to keep a close eye on this rising star.

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