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Lorenzo Ruzza On How Music Helps Build Harmony Among People

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Music travels seamlessly across the barriers of time, distance, beliefs, choices, color, creed, race, and more, offering us humans an experience that touches the very core of our existence.

So, when ace musician Lorenzo Ruzza belts out his thought that music brings masses closer and builds harmony, he is only spelling out what we all feel when we immerse our senses into our favorite melodies.

Music truly has magic that effortlessly induces togetherness and love. And only those who have experienced it can speak of its wonders states Ruzza.

Lorenzo Ruzza adds, “Smile your most magical smile at strangers, and they may not respond. Play some great music, though, and you will soon have a crowd of unknown souls dancing away with you.” That’s how wonderful music can be!

From penning powerful lyrics to awaken the masses to even sounding the clarion call for a peaceful rebellion, musicians have wielded the power of music across centuries to bring the masses closer – all in the hope that harmony will prevail.

As per Lorenzo Ruzza, while listening to the powerful words of Bob Dylan while he sings Blowin’ in the Wind, urges us to share the song with all those around us in the hope that cannonballs are forever banned. Watching the Woodstock documentary with friends has us marveling at the milestone event in music, evoking collective sighs as well as “we wish we were there” and “we wish there were more” moments.

Lorenzo rightly sums up all these feelings when he says that music breaks down even the most rigid boundaries and brings about a sense of peace and harmony.

If only the humans of this world paid a little more attention to the musical ways of life, we would have far fewer wars and a lot more music festivals!

All this, in the hope of breathing in life and all that it has to offer. With smiles on our faces and music in our hearts. In a way, we were always meant to be together and in harmony, Lorenzo Ruzza signs off.

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