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Midwest Artist Drawol Saves Lives

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Drawol pronounced (Dra Waal) is a one-of-a-kind artist out of the Midwest from New Albany, Indiana, with a sound that fans relate to on a deep level. Watching close family and friends lose their talent, hope and their very own lives to addiction, he knew he had to harness the power of his voice in the battle. Drawol’s lyrical mind is what fans connect with and why his brand of relatable hip hop helps free others from struggle.

From the first time watching 8 Mile in grade-school he craved Eminem’s fortitude to bawl up his pain, trauma, and anger into a driving force for success instead of an anchor of mediocrity and failure. The grit and heart that he admired in his youth, Drawol pours into every track.

Drawol is big on persistence and hope as heard on tracks like I Can Do Anything feat. T-Rell out of Kansas, and Price fear. Berran Lee out of Kentucky. Listen in 2022 for new release, Grave feat Jehry Robinson of Strange Music, a song about living life full out with no regrets.

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