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How Anthony Malascalza Made His Dreams Come True

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“Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” – Roy T. Bennett.

There is no doubt that dreams come true. Even the wildest ones that seem impossible can be realized. Though everyone dreams, it’s only a few who actually get to live to see their dreams become a reality. This is because dreams are never meant to be easily attainable, and you must put in the hard work to make them come true. This sometimes includes sacrificing things you love in pursuit of your bigger dreams. 

Some people are lucky to have an environment that helps propel them towards their destiny, such as a rich background. However, the larger population may not have access to all they need to take them through the journey to the top of their dreams. They have to work extra hard and be their own pathfinders, battling and overcoming the many challenges in their way. This calls for dedication, commitment, and resilience, attributes that only a select few of the world’s population are lucky to possess. 

Anthony Malascalza is an individual who shares an inspiring story of grit through life challenges, rising against all odds to succeed. Anthony is a young entrepreneur who started a door-to-door sales company with the dream of becoming a multimillionaire but didn’t possess the know-how. Anthony had no real education or family support to get him through the many hurdles in his path. He was just a young, ambitious entrepreneur with big dreams and inspiration.

The college dropout started his first company, Limitless Consulting and Marketing group (LCM Inc), at age 21. Anthony owned and operated the business with no prior experience, business knowledge, human management skills, and financial support. Anthony felt the weight of everything he was doing on his shoulders, choosing to work hard and tirelessly with a dream for a successful future. 

Though it was a challenging path to follow, Anthony was determined to see his business thrive. He put in the hard work and dedication to finding a way through any challenge that came his way. 

“Life challenges have made me invincible, and nothing can stop me from achieving all my goals, and I’m ready to share it with the world,” says Anthony.

Anthony has grown LCM Inc into a multi-dollar business empire through hard work, determination, a strong work ethic, and not cutting corners. LCM Inc has also scaled to become one of the fastest-growing outreach organizations in the region, with a network impacting thousands of individuals and households. Anthony also boasts of having over 150 independent contractors who work with the company to realize its goals. 

The self-made millionaire also gives back to the community each year through local events supporting children and education in the country. Anthony wants to empower other people by helping them achieve their own versions of success. He shares his story with others to help them understand that regardless of your age, where you’re from, who you know, what education you have. With dreams, goals, and execution, anything is possible. 

Anthony’s goal is to continue scaling and growing LCM Inc to become the largest company in the space. His vision is to have sales offices and locations across the United States. 

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