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Producer creates song for his Newly born child!

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Platinum Producer Igot20onmybeat teams up with Writrz Block to launch his latest COCO20 kid friendly anthem. Previously Igot20onmybeat has produced hit records with artists such as DaBaby, Stunna 4 Vegas, Lil Keed and many more.

The inspiration to create this record came from his new born daughter of just 6 months. As a father to a new baby, he’s had the chance to watch the cocomelon craze within his own home. He watched as his daughter would fuss and fuss until the intro to cocomelon would begin and her tears would almost instantly turn into joy.

As a father, the smile on his daughter’s face was something he always loved to see, giving him the inspiration to create this record “COCO20” for her. He took the sounds of the cocomelon craze and combined it with his own unique drum pattern and watched his daughter go crazy for her new favorite song, not being able to stop dancing, smiling and rocking!

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