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George Figueroa Taking his Career to the Next Level “NoSmokeTV”

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George Figueroa has a five-year mission for his company and brand, which is “NoSmokeTV”. His plan is to create powerful, thought provoking, positive content for private and mainstream media entities. One of the most important catch phrases that comes from Mr. Figueroa, is the ” Let’s Make Positive The New Click-Bait.”

As we all know, positive content does not get as much attention as hot and juicy gossip. If you look at celebrity news publications , most of the stories will not lift up your spirits , nor push you in a positive direction. There’s nothing wrong with drama but we have to have a healthy balance of both and right now, things are not weighing out that way.

NoSmokeTV is here to make sure things get leveled out by being that internet media platform that puts that positive content first and highlights true stories from professionals, media brands , talented up and coming artists from all over the world.

George Figueroa launched this powerful platform in the middle of a pandemic last year. It was the perfect move , giving the entire world’s energy, was being zapped by this COVD-19 situation. NoSmokeTV was a game changing move because we could not leave our houses and we all were looking for something positive to watch on the internet.

Bottom line George Figueroa is a person who saw a void in the marketplace and filled it. Creating a vehicle for positive content and its creators to have a platform. Go check out NoSmokeTV. Net and see what it is all about.

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