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A Look into the Incredible Story of Artist Manager Carlos “SLO” Cole, Sr.

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In a rush to meet deadlines and add another digit to their bank balance, people often miss out on crucial aspects of life, like connecting with their soul and their family and friends. And then there are setbacks and challenges that come in different forms, sometimes in the form of a society that judges you by your past. Carlos “SLO” Cole, Sr., a successful manager of musicians and artists, has been there too. He fought back to bounce higher when his life hit rock bottom. As a people person, Carlos wants to share his inspiring story with the world to motivate people who are struggling to fade the memories of a terrible past and start life afresh.

The story of Carlos “SLO” Cole starts in a crime-infested environment that ruined his childhood. He got into the street culture and started selling drugs as a kid, only to end up in juvenile detention centers several times. Eventually, Carlos was imprisoned for 5 years, and during that time, he developed a new perspective on life. The most challenging part was raising his children and providing for his family from prison while being away from them. Soon after his imprisonment ended in June 2013, Carlos enrolled himself in college and, within a year, obtained custody of his son.

To pivot his life positively, Carlos graduated with an associate degree in criminal justice and provided more than 1,000 hours of volunteer counseling at Walden. He counseled young teens at the Southern Maryland Youth Home. Despite making all attempts to change his life, society has always judged Carlos for his past. He was denied positions or jobs, even after being overqualified, because of his past. That’s when he realized the obstacles people with a past usually face in society. Overcoming the taboos of society was not easy, but Carlos made relentless efforts and is now setting an example for others.

Carlos changed his perception of life, developing a positive approach to every adverse situation. His middle name, “SLO,” is a reflection of this attitude, as he likes to go slow in every situation to analyze his actions. He takes time to look at things from a different perspective and then dissects the situation to come up with a feasible solution. Carlos’ experience with life ranges from the street to white-collar jobs. This has helped him adapt to any circumstances and overcome all challenges. Carlos’ faith in God has been his biggest strength so far, helping him triumph over all obstacles.

Carlos believes that no book tells the world will play fair with everyone. It is up to us to adapt to situations in life. He wants people to be kind to themselves and those around them because treating someone the way you want to be treated makes the path a lot easier. Carlos also stresses the importance of being yourself and not a copy to please society. He is never ashamed to wear his heart on his sleeves because he never gives out his positive energy to people who don’t reciprocate the same.

The series of challenges in Carlos’ life could not deter him from achieving his goals and setting new ones. He looks forward to ranking among the top 5 managers in the entertainment industry and owning a team of talented musicians and artists. He also wants to be financially free in the coming years to provide the kind of lifestyle to his mother and family that they have been dreaming of for a long time.

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