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Rassy Bugatti Of The Stinc Team Returns With ‘Blacc Out’ Single

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Stinc Team affiliate Rassy Bugatti is getting back active again on his latest single “Blacc Out.”

Utilizing the same recording strategy Drakeo The Ruler used to create his fan-favorite Thank You For Using GTL, Rassy Bugatti drops off more of his extra’d-out bars on “Blacc Out.”

In addition to “Blacc Out” Rassy Bugatti has dropped off numerous singles in recent months as well, such as his slick-talking “Getting Money” record and “Mobbed Out” banger.

Beginning last year, Rassy Bugatti has provided a consistent stream of new music, despite currently being incarcerated fighting a years-long legal case.

After connecting with Asylum Records MC 1TakeJay on his “C Murder” record, Rassy shared the inaugural edition of his Million Dollar Fugitive album with features from 03 Greedo, Santo Tha Plug and more.

Rassy Bugatti also called in favors again from several Stinc Team lyricists including Drakeo The Ruler, Ralfy The Plug and more for the four-song deluxe edition of his 2020 Million Dollar Fugitive mixtape.

The project also features a post-humous guest verse from Stinc Team rapper Ketchy The Great on “Shia Lebouf.”, who unfortunately lost his life back in February due to a fatal car crash.

Other highlights of the EP include the Drakeo-assisted opener “Look At Me” and the storytelling raps embedded on “Days Numbered.”

Stream “Blacc Out” below.

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