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Was Mary J Blige’s “I Can Love You” A Faith Evans Diss Track

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On The 18th of November, our very own Queen of Hip Hop Soul takes the stage at the Barclay Center with D-Nice. As everyone prepares for the epic night, it got me wondering about the stories behind the tracks. A few years ago, I attended another MJB concert in Los Angeles during the BET Awards. While singing my favorite track with the crowd, I happened to be standing next to someone in the music industry. When the set ended I chatted with the industry stranger a bit, then they casually mentioned that “I Can Love You” featuring Lil Kim was actually a Faith Evans diss track aimed at Diddy and the Notorious BIG for choosing her over them. Instantly, I became offended. Faith is a friend and my guard went straight up. But then it made sense.

Everyone knows that Diddy and Mary fell out. Mary was going after him because he had his new “Mary J” and had become estranged from her and her best friend Lil Kim was Biggie’s Mistress. Mary allegedly blamed Faith for her strained relationship with Diddy, who was like a brother to her. While Lil Kim always felt slighted that Biggie had chosen his wife over her.

In an interview with Shaheem Reid for MTV after her and Diddy made up , Mary explained “He had a label, he had a female artist, he had Biggie, but during the time I was really dogging myself. I was a mess on drugs. Any smart man or businessman would have moved away from me. It felt like he was becoming distant, but looking back, I now understand why.” Music has always been the way that artist express themselves. Listen below and let me know what you think.


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