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Chance The Rapper Explains The Creation Of His Popular “3” Hat

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As Chance the Rapper took the stage at the Revolt Summit for Earn Your Leisure on Friday, he was dressed in a jacket from his brand collaboration with Ralph Lauren and his infamous “3” hat. In the past, Chance has collaborated with Kit Kat, Doritos and the White Sox. But prior to that collaboration, Chance always wore his favorite White Sox Hat to everything. He details how at one point they didn’t want him promoting his brand wearing theirs. He remembered reading his bible and the number 3 coming to him. It was his third mixtape so he drew out a mock of how he wanted it on the hat. The people loved and immediately began to ask where they could get it. He went on to later design hats for the White Sox.

“I wanna say the White Sox was acting like bitches but if you quote me as saying that it won’t be correct because that is not exactly what I mean.”


Chance took the time to clarify that he is not anti-label but he doesn’t agree with how contracts are laid out. He explained to the crowd the differences between being in brand partnership or collaboration versus signing a deal where ultimately the label becomes your boss. Earn Your Leisure hosts Rashad and Bilal took the time to reference their merchandise and explained why they created their own brand. Even though you are independent you can leverage your brand. “The difference is when you do something like a partnership, it’s kinda like a sponsorship” said Chance. “It’s two entities leveraging their brands to expand each other’s reach.” It’s evident that Chance knows what he’s doing and it was dope to hear it from someone young and thriving in business.



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